Justice court their funny bone at Vivendi

The monthly Laughter Lounge is now established as two of the most entertaining nights in Grand Cayman’s social scene. The December offering last Friday and Saturday at the Vivendi Theatre in the Strand raised the bar even higher with two new acts that surely will make regular appearances in the future.

JP Justice, a gigantic man with an even bigger personality, got things rolling as host and warmed things up nicely. A much travelled performer, anecdotes included offending the Chinese by wearing footwear in a hotel, racial stereotypes, skinny women and the sex toy industry.

Local poet Hilton Grace gave a rendition of his works. Actually all of them, which he read from notes. JP Justice thought that was hilarious and teased Grace for the long performance.

JP Justice found humour in rude Jamaicans, lions in Zimbabwe and goats on Jamaican airport runways. He teased male audience members for wearing turquoise and purple shirts and gave his own brand of marriage advice.

Tony Woods was the headline act but when he came on seemed too inebriated to perform. But that is his way. He too mocked poets and made the funniest observations from a various sources including halitosis, Chinese eating with chop sticks, Scottish people and a black man with an English accent. The sketch about going to Australia and encountering a “scary giant black chicken” was a gem. It turned out to be an emu!

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