No holiday pay for Christmas Day

Cayman Islands workers will get a few extra days off during the upcoming holiday season, thanks to Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday.

However, for those unfortunates who must work on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, no additional holiday pay will be forthcoming.

The way the schedule works out this year, Christmas Eve Day falls on a Saturday and Christmas is on a Sunday. The government has declared the following two days, Boxing Day Monday and Tuesday, 27 December, public holidays.

“Any employee who works on any of these days shall be paid double time for hours worked,” according to a statement from the Department of Employment Relations. “Employees who do not work on these days shall be paid normal wages.

“Twenty-five December is not considered to be a public holiday and is therefore a normal work day,” the department notice read.

New Year’s Day will be observed on 2 January, a Monday, rather than Sunday. So a similar situation will exist with those working on Sunday, 1 January; there will be no double pay on the Sunday, but those working on 2 January would receive double pay.

According to the Cayman Islands Labour Law (2007 Revision), an employee is paid regular time for not working on a public holiday provided they have worked regular days scheduled immediately before and after the holiday.

Section 16(2) and (4) state: “If an employee foes work on a public holiday, he shall be paid at double his normal rate of pay for the hours actually worked that day. An employee may, by mutual agreement between himself and his employer, take time off in lieu of a public holiday.”


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