Online Poll: Cell phone driving ban needed

A clear majority of the respondents to last week’s online poll thought the ban on using handheld cell phones while driving was the most needed of the recent amendments made to Cayman’s Traffic Law. 

Of the 665 total respondents, 362 of them – 54.4 per cent – thought the ban on handheld cell phones was the most needed change. 

“[Cell phones are] one of the reasons for careless driving,” said one person. “I reside in Cayman Brac and comparing Grand Cayman chaos to Miami, New York and even Los Angeles, all of where I’ve also lived, Grand Cayman is by far the absolute worst.” 

“The amount of people driving dangerously because they are too busy yapping on their cell phone is ridiculous here,” said someone else. 

“All the changes were needed, but you can tell when drivers are on phone by erratic behaviour or slowing up for no reason when call comes in,” said another person. 

“Now let’s hope the ban is enforced,” commented on person. 

Another 121 people – 18.2 per cent – said making careless driving a crime was the most important change to the Traffic Law. 

“Using a cell phone while driving falls under this heading,” said some person. 

“Professional drivers or drivers of any type of commercial vehicle should not be allowed to pass other vehicles, speed, etc,” said someone else. “We all see them do it all the time.” 

A new provision in the Traffic Law that allows electric cars was considered most important by 77 people – 11.6 per cent. 

“There is no good reason not to allow them,” said one person. “They are perfect for a small place like the Cayman Islands.” 

“Thanks cayCompass; this poll requires thinking,” said someone else. 

Fifty-nine people – 8.9 per cent – said the outlawing of wheel clamping was the most important change made to the Traffic Law. 

“I feel that parking should be allowed at any business after they are closed for the day,” said one person. 

“The cell phone ban is nuts,” said someone else.  

Another 46 people – 6.9 per cent – said the requirement for driver’s licence testing for foreigners was the most needed change, although none of those respondents left a comment. 

Some respondents said they thought all of the changes were needed and some suggested other changes to the Traffic Law. 

“Tailgating is not on the list, but way too many people drive way too close to the car in front,” said one person. “Taxis are the worst culprits. And going through a red light – I see cars go through the red arrow on West Bay Road daily. Red means stop.” 

One person was surprised to learn there had been amendments to the Traffic Law. 

“Did they ban using cell phones? News to me!” 

Next week’s poll question 

Do you support the government’s choice of China Harbour Engineering Company to build the cruise ship berthing facility? 


It depends on the final terms of the deal 

It depends on whether the company stays on the Island afterwards 


I don’t know. 

Online Poll - traffic law changes


  1. If you could see the crazy drivers on Cayman Brac – speeding beyond speeding, holding the cellphone to their ears and their earsplittingly hyperamped speakers blaring into the roadsides! These nuts act like they will live forever! They are fatal accidents waiting to happen. Please, PLEASE ban cellphone use for all drivers on all three islands. The life you save might be your own.

  2. I don’t understand government people proposing ban on hand held phones. This is ridiculous – did they ever read ANY research on the subject? If the did, they must know that using phone is equally dangerous with or without hands-free. Really – try doing a little search on the internet – you’ll easily get ten-twenty reports on mobile phone driving. They all say HANDSFREE DOES NOT MAKE DRIVING SAFER. Apparently idea of handsfree mobiles are safe for driving is very good for mobile shop, as they can increase their sales, but when making amendments to laws, one should consult scientific research, not some general understanding.

    To be clear – I am for putting ban on any kind of interacion with phone during driving. Apparently it is impossible to catch driver talking on handsfree, but they should at least know that talking on handsfree during incident WILL count during investigation.

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