Rape cases go to Grand Court

Jeffery Alexander Barnes is scheduled to appear in Grand Court today, Friday, on charges of aggravated burglary with intent to rape and rape.

Both charges relate to an incident on 20 October, when he is alleged to have entered the private dwelling of a named woman as a trespasser, with intent to rape, and had a knife with him at the time. The second charge is that he did have sexual intercourse with the woman without her consent.

Barnes, 32, is accused of another rape involving a different victim. On 29 October, he is alleged to have used force to compel a woman to go from Shamrock Road to another location, where the rape was said to have occurred. Charges of abduction and rape relating to this incident have also been committed to the Grand Court and Barnes is scheduled to appear on 16 December.

The charge that initially brought Barnes before the Summary Court is one of indecent assault. The incident leading to the charge occurred on 21 October. Barnes appeared before Magistrate Nova Hall on 4 November. The matter was mentioned again this week and the magistrate set 14 December as the date for a preliminary inquiry. This process would determine whether there was sufficient evidence for the file to go to Grand Court.

Barnes is represented by attorney Lucy Organ.

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