No red for Cayman Brac display

The Agricultural Grounds on Cayman Brac are adorned with blue, green and white this Christmas. 

While some residents have speculated the colours were chosen because they are the party colours of the United Democratic Party, the minister responsible for erecting the lights insisted they were picked to correspond with the “nautical theme” of the display. 

The Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture, headed by Cayman Islands Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, organised the display and chose the colours. 

“The Christmas lights mainly in white, green and blue depicted the nautical theme we chose,” Ms O’Connor-Connolly said. 

The absence of festive red in the display led some attendees at the event to question if the ministry had purposely chosen to omit red because it is the party colour of the rival People’s Progressive Movement political party. 

According to the ministry, the cost for the lighting materials was CI$5,207.16. 

The Christmas lights were launched on 29 November before more than 500 residents. This is the first year a Christmas display has been erected at the Agricultural Grounds. 

The Agricultural Grounds, which earlier this year got a make-over with the laying of fresh asphalt on widened roads and the creation of two roundabouts, are usually in use once a year – during the Agricultural Show each spring. 

Ms O’Connor-Connolly said, “This event was a good reminder of what the season is about. The audience left with the holiday spirit. It is beautiful scenery for all the family and we are hoping to turn this into a Brac tradition for the entire family. This event provided another way to utilise the Agriculture Grounds.” 

The deputy premier said the Christmas lights at the Agricultural Grounds meant Brackers could visit the site with their families and enjoy a quiet evening, as well as to lift the spirits for the holiday season. 

The event included performances by carollers from churches and schools and performances by Raymond Scott, Pastor Tom French, District Commissioner Ernie Scott, Neila Jones, Kevin Roberts, Annie Rose Scott, April Tibbetts, Georgia Isaacs and 10-year-old Gina Grant. 

cayman brac christmas lights

Blue, green and white Christmas lights are the colours on the Agricultural Grounds in Cayman Brac.

cayman brac christmas lights - 2

No red anywhere. – PHOTOS: ED BEATY


  1. It is a shame that there are persons who have to find something negative on any event being presented on the Cayman Islands; and what is even more upsetting turn it into a political issue. The Bluff Christmas presentation was a most beautiful event, which would be welcomed as a traditional Christmas happening in the future.
    I wish many more could have seen and experienced the pleasure in all the children’s faces…..I was greatly amazed how well all was planned and the fantastic Light display made it such a magic outstanding event…( also we, on the Brac are Not spoiled, and each such celebration is a heartwarming community affair, without having a political agenda )
    The Brac Agricultural grounds could be used for many more functions, as I am sure they will be.
    The Brac will have future development, as the world around us recovers from its financial upheaval.
    I wish all Caymanians would consider the Brac as the Cayman Jewel, a treasure all of us should value as uncharted valuable property. Yes the Agricultural Bluff location is of top-notch design, a smart move with future growth in mind…..the Brac infrastructure as it is upgraded has the future generation in mind…..again a wise decision…the Brac is part of all that IS Cayman it is not a separate entity as many often seem to like to remark in on-line-comments.
    You should be happy for all positive things happening on the Brac as all of Cayman will benefit. The better all is planned and designed the greater the young Generation will benefit….after all we like to leave only the Best for the future generation of Caymanians…Let us see the good in most we do , each of us, without thinking its either political or who is getting something out of it….
    How wonderful, if we would have read in the Newspaper or on line….
    Cayman BRAC had the most spectacular Christmas show on the Bluff with the greatest Light show-display ever seen on Cayman Brac…(and further ) Congratulations to all who participated in arranging that evening’s event….
    after all are we not all striving and advertising
    the Brac as the Most unique of our three Islands?
    Those who have political issues with color displays you missed the most beautiful part of all: The Spiritual most beautiful start of the Christmas season where it is closest to the Sky on the Bluff on Cayman Brac.
    with Love to all for a great Christmas Season
    Tania Drebenstedt and family

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