Patrick makes history at Breakers

It was a bittersweet moment for Cayman Islands motorsports over the weekend.

Breakers Speedway closed its doors for good with a drag race. Titled ‘End of Days’ the meet was staged by the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association. The meet drew hundreds of spectators and dozens of racers to the 1/8 mile asphalt track.

Among them were race veterans Patrick Campbell and Jody Jervis. Campbell competed in his black Nissan Skyline GT-R and made history by becoming the fastest four-wheel drive car in Cayman with a time of 5.992 seconds. Jervis, looking on from the sidelines on Sunday, previously held the record in his Nissan Skyline GT-S.

“My time was 6.02s and Patrick passed me,” Jervis said. “He has the fastest 4WD import now. I acknowledge I’ll have to come good to beat him (at some point) and I’ll have to work to beat him.”

Sunday marked Cayman’s last drag meet for some time. With Breakers closed, there is no official venue for drag racing on Grand Cayman. Rumours swirled at Sunday’s meet that East End is a real possibility. About three years ago the Cayman Hot Rod Association stated it had land at High Rock and was looking to build a track there up to the latest National Hot Rod Association specifications.

At this point there has been no official word on development of a track at High Rock (which was an informal site for drag racing many years ago). Originally the association wanted to have a facility finished by mid-2009. The hot rod association still exists today and is the predecessor to the two other motorsports bodies on Island (the other being the Cayman Motorsports Association).

For the record, Breakers Speedway first opened its doors in October 2006 and according to track records, over 700 drivers have raced down the asphalt strip over the last five years.

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