Premier: Deal reached with former port builder

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Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush announced late Wednesday that a settlement has been reached with the construction firm that was previously in negotiation to build a new cruise berthing facility in George Town.

Mr. Bush also announced that government was looking into the possibility of building cruise facilities in Cayman Brac with its new partner in port development, China Harbour Engineering. His comments came during a speech on the port project negotiations given to the Legislative Assembly.

The premier said his government had “good reason” to end the memorandum of understanding with Italy-based GLF earlier this year.

“The risks of non-performance were simply too high,” Mr. Bush said of the previous negotiating agreement. “I wish to inform the public that a settlement agreement has now been reached with GLF; and not even remotely close to the astronomical sums of $35 million that have been bandied about.”

The final settlement amount was thought to be less than CI $3 million.

“Not only have we agreed [to a settlement], but these sums will not be coming out of government’s coffers,” Mr. Bush said.

The Caymanian Compass sought clarification Thursday as to where the sums for the settlement would come from. The newspaper received no comment from the Premier’s office by press time and a representative of Governor Duncan Taylor’s office declined to comment, referring questions to the Premier.

“What we are dealing with here is a project of unquestionable national importance,” Mr. Bush told lawmakers.

Since 2003, the Cayman Islands government has been in talks with a number of different companies regarding the potential construction of a port berthing facility in George Town. Talks with Misener Marine, Atlantic Star, Dart Enterprises Construction Company, GLF and now China Harbour have been in various stages of negotiations, but no final deal has ever been agreed.

china harbour engineering

Premier McKeeva Bush said Wednesday that China Harbour Engineering Company will build cruise ship facilities in Cayman Brac as well as in West Bay, George Town and Spotts. Picture here is China Harbour’s camp in Jamaica for housing its workers. – Photo: Submitted


  1. It is interesting that Mr. Bush will be able to settle things for 3 million and announce that it will not be coming out of government’s coffers. If he has that much laying around loose I am in the wrong business.

  2. Notice how some people speak of paying someone 3 million dollars for doing nothing like they won something..

    Who-ever made this mistake which cause us to have to pay this company should have to pay; and they should be fired, sacked, given the old heave-how, given the old heave ho, white and black balled.

  3. I’m certain china Harbour paid the 3 million to seal the deal that was in the air.
    God father Dart paid the 3 million.

    One or the other.

    W need FOI into the Accountant General’s office proof that this is so, to ensure
    the premier and the governor is being forthwith with us all.

  4. If Dart paid for this.
    What dos he want in return.
    Is this his ticket to getting the West Bay Road?
    This is giving me the creeps. What about the 4,000 signatures if this is so. I’m speculating but it’s not impossible.
    There’s even less confidence in this government now.
    No transparency.

  5. Smart how they are planning to put in a cruise ship dock in the brac. That should help the economy tremendously, and make brac living more attractive.

    Good job.

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