Premier: Voting districts won’t change

Caymanian voters will be choosing a total of 18 elected officials to represent them in the Legislative Assembly next time around, but electoral boundary lines for the 2013 Cayman Islands general elections will not change.

Premier McKeeva Bush made that announcement Wednesday while introducing a draft order from Governor Duncan Taylor’s office to members of the Legislative Assembly, who currently number just 15.

Mr. Bush said government would accept recommendations from the Electoral Boundary Commission report that will increase the number of elected office-holders in George Town district from four to six, and in Bodden Town district from three to four. All other voting districts will retain the same number of seats in the assembly; meaning West Bay district will send four, the Sister Islands, two; and East End and North Side, one apiece.

Electoral boundary lines will not be redrawn in any significant way to incorporate the new seats, Mr. Bush said.

“We do not accept any recommended changes to the physical electoral boundaries in order to [incorporate the new LA seats],” he told lawmakers. “The reason for refusing to accept that portion of the recommendation is because the electoral district boundaries being proposed by the commission in its report, if accepted, would…result in some persons who previously voted in George Town now being required to vote in Bodden Town.

“The government can find no support for such a change.”

Mr. Bush said he expected to bring a motion to finally accept the three new Legislative Assembly seats sometime in January. The seats will be in play during the elections which are expected to occur in January 2013.


  1. Why stop at 18? These a very good high paying jobs not requiring a lot of effort! Caymanians only need apply. There should be at least 1 MLA for every 100 voters don’t you think?

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