Glamorton heads to sting in Jamaica

Local artist Glamorton is heading off to Jamaica during the Christmas season to perform at Sting on 26 December.

Known as one of the most illustrious shows on the Jamaican musical calendar, the DJ said it is an honour to be performing at the event for the second time.

“I will be doing two shows while I am there. The first of which is the Sting and then it’s on to Jamworld, another well celebrated event on the Island, which I have performed for since that show’s beginning 12 years ago,” said the DJ. He added that he will be using a band for both performances.

Other performers making appearances at Sting this year include I-Octane, Mavado and Bounty Killa.

Known for its confrontational and combative matches between rival artists, the show has been seen to add fuel to careers simply because of the chatter that surrounds such lyrical showdowns.

As for Glamorton, he said he will not be taking part in any clash and is appearing strictly to deliver good music.

“I am not going to be doing any clashing. That is reserved for those who are at war,” he joked.

The clashes are generally peaceful and go no further than making degrading or demeaning remarks about one’s opponent.

According to Sting’s promoter Isaiah Laing, there will be several segments to the show this year, which will include the “Bad Rasta Segment”, with artists such as Khago, I-Octane, Teflon, and Fanton Mojah. Fans can also look forward to the “Five Young General Segment,” featuring Popcaan, Givenchi, Black Rhino and Zamunda.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killa are expected to clash on the night also; in the General’s segment, though Mr. Laing said this was not yet confirmed.

“Glamorton was well received last year and this year we are hoping for an even better response to his act. This year’s show is being called to ‘Rumours of War,’” joked the promoter, who added that its not all about the clashes as a lot of raving would be happening as well.

Solo Promotions Manager Fitzroy Solomon said he is looking forward to the Glamorton taking his career to another level and was honoured to be travelling with the artist to Jamaica for the shows.

To book Glamorton contact Solo Promotions at 924-6111.

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