Arianna hits right note

Caymanian singer and songwriter Arianna Broderick is making her way in the world of music.

The young musician has been gaining attention for her unique abilities and has already put in work with some of the movers and shapers of talent in the Cayman Islands.

“I’ve always loved to write; whether it be stories or poems and I enjoy language generally,” explained Ariana, who added, “Once I began taking up guitar, it seemed natural for the two to go together.”

The 15-year-old, who now attends boarding school in England, said she is totally enthralled by music and anytime she has the free time she loves to pick up her guitar and doodle away. Her work ethic and passion are no doubt paying off.

Arianna’s latest song, “You Are” was produced by Grammy Award winning Producer Jason Gilbert, who said he was impressed with Arianna’s style and natural instincts about arrangement and delivery. The song can be heard on YouTube by searching for you are – arianna on the site.

The young singer expects to be back in the Cayman Islands for the Christmas vacation and said she may be playing several shows in Grand Cayman to be announced.

“I am hoping to get involved in whatever I can while home for the holidays. I am sure there will be a lot going on,” she remarked.

Though “Ari”, as she is known by friends, is taking nothing for granted and explained that she is currently thinking about pursuing a career in law, which will be another option for her.

“I know that it is important to not only count on one thing and because I enjoy language so much, I imagine Law would be good for me at some point but for now I want to focus on music and continue to do as much as I can to further my career.”

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