Dready bounds forward

By now, you must have seen the colourful and distinctive Dready somewhere on your Cayman travels.

The popular set of characters has featured on T-shirts, as well as art galleries and now record album sleeves. Creator and driving force Shane Urqart tells Weekender that things are looking pretty cool in Dreadyland right now.

“2011 started off brilliantly with the continuing Elevations show at the Ritz-Carlton. I sold and did a lot of art in the first part of the year, slowing down through July. The summer was long and uneventful but a few things came out of it, my first Dready animated TV commercial, which I did in conjunction with Sean Bodden; very cool.

“And the launch in November of a completely new line of Dready shirts with Caribbean Canvas Company, brainchild of Hugh Treadwell and a Dart Enterprises company. Some very cool shirts which have been an evolution for Dready both in terms of the art and the style.”

Exciting projects

Dready’s also part of the Embark show at Ritz-Carlton currently, with six prints all about travel. Exciting things are ahead, too.

“I’ve just been working on a house music album cover, which is cool, for a Miami based DJ on a Philadelphia record label. Car City TV spot with Sean Bodden has been getting rave reviews and we’re working on two more spots. I’m curious to see how 2012 turns out.”

In the three years Shane has been working on Dready full time, there have been 160 commissions to date.

“The first request to depict somebody’s life in an original Dready was strange, here I was using stick people to depict real characters, the end results have been brilliant and I’ve done many since.”

Dready goes worldwide
Worldwide, says the artist, people are now cropping up out of the blue nowadays with requests for work and sightings of the clan.

“They just suddenly pop up and say they’ve seen Dready. A friend who has a Dready skin on his computer was in Barbados and the woman in security check stopped him and called a friend and said, ‘Look him have a Dready on his computer’; I get calls for originals from all over the place.

“That said I am sometimes caught in the juxtaposition of doing something different, where people can see that it’s unique but don’t know what to do with it.”
World domination has only just begun. Go Dready!

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