Verdict awaited in nightclub slaying

Accused killer does not testify

Devon Anglin, accused of murdering
Carlo Webster at the Next Level Night Club in September 2009, continued to be
remanded in custody on Thursday to await the verdict of Chief Justice Anthony


Earlier in the day, the Chief Justice
had ruled there was a case for him to answer. 


Defence Attorney Dorian Lovell-Pank
said it was agreed that the only issue was identification.  Anglin was at
the club that night and by his plea of not guilty he had said he did not shoot
Webster. There was nothing for him to add and so he did not give evidence. 


Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll
Richards summarised the Crown’s case, pointing to the positive identification
of Anglin by Witness B as the person he saw shoot Webster three times. Witness
B remained anonymous, but said he had known Anglin for 10 years. 


Anonymous Witness E did not know
Anglin, but described a man walking past him after the shooting and putting a
gun in his waist pants. CCTV analyst Grant Fredericks identified that man as


Mr. Lovell-Pank said the question was
not, Who was the gunman? The question was, Had the Crown made the judge feel
sure that the gunman was Devon Anglin?  


He pointed to what he called
 serious contradictions in the evidence of Witnesses B and E. For example,
E had said that after the shooting the man with the gun left the club by the
main door.  B, on the other hand, said he saw Anglin exit through a door
near the VIP Lounge, which was on the other side of the building. 


The Chief Justice thanked both sides
for their assistance and said he would take time to consider his verdict. Trial
began on 1 December. 


 Please see the full report on this trial in the Caymanian Compass on


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