Ray hauls fast on last 1/8 pass

Breakers Speedway may have closed for good but a number of drivers will have bragging rights for weeks.

A handful of racers emerged atop the standings at End of Days, the track’s last drag race organized by the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association. Hundreds of spectators would see cars, trucks and bikes scream down the 1/8 mile asphalt strip.

Patrick Campbell in his Nissan Skyline GT-R would win the A class ahead of Clive Dacres in his Chevrolet Camaro nicknamed Badalero. Omar Crespo in his Mitsubishi Evolution III would win the B class over Pedro Ramos in his Camaro. The class C winner would be Ray Hydes in his Evo III and he beat out Lance Barnes in his Skyline.

Vito Welcome won class D in a Honda Civic Type-R and Edison Bodden’s Civic earned the class E win over Frank Watler’s Honda Integra Type-R. Javier Medina claimed the motorcycle crown on his Suzuki GSXR ahead of Darren McLaughlin on his Suzuki GSX R1000.

Drag racing association marketing officer Michael Webster states the drivers put on a great show.

“All together we had about 35 car drivers and eight bikes,” Webster said. “We had two new members make it to the five second club in Clive and Patrick. Patrick ran a 5.992 second time and Clive ran 5.9s. Congrats to both guys. Omar is a tuner from Florida who has tuned in Puerto Rico, Jamaica and other places.

“Ray’s yellow wide-body Evo was originally painted grey. It has raced at Dover Raceway in Jamaica and represents Cayman all the way. Vito’s Civic was tuned by Javier Torres out of Rhode Island. He is known by all the Honda boys and has been to Cayman plenty of times to enjoy the races. He also tuned Plan B, Donald Francis’ turbo Civic (which also ran on Sunday) and a few other Hondas.”

Aside from the winners, a number of cars got attention. Marlon ‘Christian’ Forde sported a new blue look for his Mitsubishi Evolution III. However the low-seven second machine would be hampered by mechanical issues. A number of other Evos would be stymied on the day including Malsham Brown’s white III, Eddie Jackson’s grey Lancer and Cliff Week’s yellow Evo. Evos did shine on the track though. Kenrick ‘Banks’ Baker had a good showing in his white III while Dale Creighton unleashed plenty of power in his machine.

The bikers held their own with stalwarts like Dante Ross Hydes (Honda CB-R 1000).

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