Junior Achievement’s Caymanopoly on sale for anniversary

The popular Caymanopoly board game from Junior Achievement is coming back to mark the organisation’s 20 years of service in the Cayman Islands.

First produced nearly 20 years ago, the game proved a successful fundraising effort for the youth organisation, as well as a local sensation and popular souvenir for visitors. A second edition was produced in 2006 and quickly sold out.

Junior Achievement raises funds through the sale of spaces on the Caymanopoly board to local businesses, as well as the sale of the board game itself. However, the majority of the funds raised come from the sale of the advertising slots, which begin at CI$500.

The 20th anniversary edition of Caymanopoly will be produced and ready for sale next year, but Junior Achievement is selling board spaces now so participating businesses may have exposure in this special re-issue of the popular game.

“Caymanopoly has been a tremendous fundraiser for us over the years” said Pat Randall, vice president of Junior Achievement and founding member of the organisation. “Besides being a fun gift to give friends and family, the advertising spaces give local businesses great exposure while also supporting a very worthy cause.”

Junior Achievement empowers youth in the Cayman Islands with tools to succeed through classroom education and after school activities. Students learn how businesses operate first-hand. They also receive education concerning ethical decision making, personal finances and the importance of staying in school and earning a degree.

“Caymanopoly has been sold and shipped all over the world and once again we are looking forward to another successful game, thanks to the support of local businesses and the Cayman public,” Mr. Randall said.

To find out more about being represented on the Caymanopoly board with your own advertising space, contact Junior Achievement at [email protected]

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