Flow-Mo put Bernie in a spin

A chance sighting of a group of local gymnasts has led to the youngsters performing with a world champion free runner which could lead to them carving out their own careers by using their tumbling skills abroad.

It all began earlier this year when Bernie Bush, director of Pirates Week, saw the gymnasts, Flow-Motion, practicing against a wall in George Town.

Bush was so impressed that he stopped and decided to try to showcase their talents at last month’s Pirates Week events. By coincidence Red Bull’s world champion free runner, Ryan Doyle, was coming over, through Red Bull distributor Andreas ‘Zulu’ Kettner.

Flow-Motion performed with Doyle at a couple of high schools and several events and were so good that Doyle admitted that two of them were spinning better than him. Doyle wants to come back in the new year to coach them.

Bernie Bush said: “All of Flow-Motion have the potential to pursue careers as gymnasts and two are even better than me!”

He added: “All they need is exposure and some more coaching and they’ll be able to do something that nobody knows 
anthing about.

They are very dedicated young men.”

Bush was so impressed with not just their ability but also the attitude of Daniel Ebanks, Derrick Pascal, Robert McLaughlin, Brian Myers and Leroy Blanco that last week at Motions gymnastic club he presented each with a cheque from the Pirates Week budget in appreciation of their brilliance.

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