Tourism association president-elect is optimistic

The president-elect of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association said he is optimistic for the future.

St. Thomas hotelier Richard Doumeng spoke to reporters at the Caribbean Media Exchange event in St. Thomas and said he was a believer that the Caribbean was ‘the largest unknown brand in the world.’

“I am a complete believer that we need to fight for the region and there is a trickle down effect,” he said.

Mr. Doumeng said he will push an integrated regional marketing strategy, where countries get together to promote the Caribbean.

General information

He said the website would play a key part.

“You’ll be able to get general information on every island. However, access to booking engines and specials and promotions and value added components are going to be from the people that are actually participating,” he said. “That’s one of the problems of the past, we were waiting for all 33 countries to say yes and that’s why it never worked … we need to convince people, we need to have a little victory and show people that it’s worthy of investment and so I’ll take six countries and hope the other 27 come along.”

In 2012, the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association celebrates 50 years of existence.

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