Comedy festival will crease us up

Staging a monthly comedy show is no joke on a tight budget and limited resources but promoters Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts have done it admirably in the year it has been running.

The Laughter Lounge comedy nights are a permanent fixture now for many in the Cayman Islands looking for alternative entertainment and following the introduction of some of the biggest names in the US who have worked with the likes of Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock, plenty more will be over to showcase their talents next year. Local talent also gets a chance too with comedians and poets allowed an open mic spot. Celebrated local musician Stuart Wilson usually starts the evening’s entertainment.

Tony Sculfield, Damon Williams, Honest John and JP Justice have been four of the most popular, but just as significantly, they’ve all been excellent, so Jefferson and Watts have been able to build up a big following since starting at Margaritaville last October, moving to The Attic and finally settling at the Vivendi Theatre in the Strand.

Although things have not always gone smoothly,

Jefferson has thoroughly enjoyed the process. “I have had many highlights this year, but the moment that stands out the most is when a lady approached me after the show and thanked me and Brad for putting on the comedy show. She said her husband died over ten years ago and that night was the first time she laughed since he passed. That moment made me feel like it has been worth all of the battles and struggles to bring comedy to the island. Laughter is living!”

All the stand-up comedians have gone down well and Jefferson is hard pressed to name the best. “There is no easy answer to that question. All the performances have been great or spectacular. Damon does an excellent job of screening the comedians for the show. We are bombarded with requests from comedians to perform in the Laughter Lounge. Damon being a veteran in the comedy game, we allow him to select who he thinks will do well here and he has been perfect so far for us. Everyone always says the last show was the best so far.

“We are pleased with how fast it has grown. I think it could have grown a little faster if we didn’t get a copy cat show impersonating ours and misleading the public that it was the Laughter Lounge show. The best lesson learned this year is that if you put a good product out there, people will support it and stay loyal. Thank you Cayman.”

There are more belly laughs guaranteed in the new year. “January is going to be huge for Laughter Lounge. Team Eclass has worked hard on the Laugh Cayman Comedy Festival running from 18-23 January. We will also be celebrating Damon’s birthday. We have performances by a host of major comedians such as Michael Colyar, Deon Cole from the Conan O’Brien show and many more. We have parties hosted by celebrities and guest DJs.

“Kool Ant from Nappy Boy Records and some other big name DJs have also committed to come down for the festival. We will have several local bands and DJs as well. We always believe in partying with a purpose, so we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. We are still looking for sponsors.”

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