Going with the Floe

We’ve all heard of open mic nights where musicians of various different disciplines head up on stage to show their wares.

But as not everybody’s an acoustic guitar-wielding garbler, some of us tend to keep our light hidden for lack of opportunities to hone our craft in the written/spoken/performed word.

But wait! For in Grand Cayman on the third Wednesday of every month at Books & Books is the fab Floetry event, free of charge and starting at 7pm. Here’s our good mate Bianca Freeland to explain what it’s all about.

“Floetry is a monthly open mic night that gives artistic performers an inviting place to connect and a regular opportunity to share their talents,” confirms Bianca.

“Floetry is always free and all are welcome to attend, whether to perform or enjoy the show as part of the audience. The group continues to grow organically and over the last year we have seen some new additions who are now regular performers, or Floets as we like to call them. On any given Floetry night, we have as many as 15 performers present plus a growing number of spectators.”

Evoking thought

The way it works is self-generating; at the end of each meeting the attendees choose a topic that is intended to evoke new thought and create group discussion for the next meeting.

“The topic is there as a guide, but Floets are always free to write on whatever subject inspires them most, which means the range of themes is usually quite broad.

“Group topics often relate to social events and current news affairs in Cayman, while universal themes such as culture, history, family, grief, love etc. are frequently explored by individuals,” we’re told.

And although the main artistic style continues to be poetry, even that has its variety, says Bianca, because each Floet adds their own unique flair to performance.

“We’ve had traditional poetry readings as well as dub poetry, storytelling and even singing.

“Quite a few performers have blown the audience away with the depth of their work, including a 12-year-old who consistently touches the audience with the level of maturity in her writing. Another Floet, Karolyn Smith, has surprised us this year with the publishing of her first book of poetry. She has been a regular attendee for over a year now and it was inspiring to many of the other attendees to see that she has taken her poetry to that next level.”
So don’t be shy – the open mic format is very informal with no sign up required, explains Bianca.

“The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The group loves hearing from new performers and seeing new faces in the audience.”

Floets, get writing!

Head to the Compass website for a sample performance: http://www.compasscayman.com/caycompass/videos/Express-yourself-with-Floetry/

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