Let’s talk Christmas music

So are you tired yet of hearing Christmas Music? Is a “White Christmas” driving you up the wall on holiday rotation? There’s no escaping it, it is everywhere every stations is make the switch to the yuletide format.

Just a few day ago Michael Buble’s ‘Christmas’ Squeaks Past Nickelback to Take No. 1 on Billboard 200

Other note worthy Christmas Cds are ‘Glee’s’ Christmas CD, Justin Bieber’s and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ (the most selling Christmas CD of All times)

More and more stores and radio channels have been switching their formats to Christmas Music – a consistent winner in the Christmas season.

But what does that mean to us who live in the Caribbean?

Over the years it has gotten harder and harder to find a really good really got Parang (Christmas soca), Reggae, or Dancehall CD. As a lover of all music. I enjoy the songs of a Caribbean Christmas. Some of my favourites are Law Saw’s Wishing for a Rich Man for Christmas and Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham – Warm Jamaican Christmas ( A True Classic).

So let me introduce you to a Caribbean Musical Christmas

Hard to find

Here is a 10 hard to find Caribbean Christmas CD to add to your Collection: Good Hunting!!!!

Jacob Miller/ Ray I – Natty Christmas

Scrunter – A Decade of Scrunter –De Parang Now Start

Various Artist – VP Records presents The Christmas Album

Sly & Robbie – Sly & Robbie Presents a Taxi X-mas

Various Artist – Reggae Dancehall Christmas

Various Artist (but mostly John Holt) – The Meaning of Christmas (A Sticker Lee Production)

Natty & Nice – A Reggae Christmas

The Merrymen – Caribbean Christmas Party

Various Artist – Christmas Drums – Holiday Sounds from the Caribbean (Local Caymanian Production)

The Grace Thrillers – Merry Christmas

Over the years (God, I sound old), I’ve learned to DITC (my cousin in New York taught that to me) it means Digging In The Crates. We used to do this looking for old records in thrift stores, record store and even pawn shops.

So in the true spirit of a lover of music and the Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, Season Greetings and Happy DITC. And tune in to all the DMS Broadcasting Stations –Hot 104.1FM, Kiss FM 106.1, X 107.1 & 96.5 Cayrock for 24hrs of Christmas Music from 6pm Christmas Eve to 6pm Christmas Day.

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