Online poll: Most oppose China Harbour

A majority of respondents to last week’s online poll oppose the government’s choice of China Harbour Engineering Company to build the cruise ship berthing facility. 

Of the 576 respondents, 316 of them – 54.9 per cent – said they did not support the choice. 

“If China Harbour gets in here, it will be the end of Cayman as we know it,” said one person. 

“It’s not CHEC per se, it’s the manner of the choice, which leaves us open to a lawsuit,” said someone else. 

“This frightens me more about the future of this country than anything else,” said another person.  

“This company was not involved in the tendering for the project and so should be excluded,” said one respondent.  

“We don’t need to end up owned by China like the rest of the Caribbean seems intent on,” said another person.  

“No details of this agreement have been disclosed to the public for view or consideration,” said someone else.  

“Rather shady reputation; too risky,” commented one person. 

Another large segment of respondents – 132 people or 22.9 per cent – said their support depended on the final terms of the deal. 

“The specifics would have to be known,” said one person. “We feel that any position taken should benefit all concerned, not just one party or the other. Everyone – the Cayman Islands government and CHEC – must be given a fair deal.” 

“Deal needs to use local contractors and 100 per cent on-island labourers,” said one person. “Local contractors should be able to hire all the labour China Harbour needs.” 

Eight-three people – 14.4 per cent – said they supported the government’s choice to use CHEC. 

“As long as it’s put in George Town,” said one respondent.  

Another 20 people – 3.5 per cent – said their support depended on whether CHEC left the country after they finished with the project and 25 people – 4.3 per cent – responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question. 

“It is hard to support anything the government does,” said one person. 


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