Beautiful babies delight at Ag Show

The annual Beautiful Baby contest was once again held as part of the Agricultural Show festivities this year, attracting a slew of bonnie babies. Judging the show this year were Linda Ebanks and Nurleen Rotchell. Prizes were supplied courtesy of Foster’s Food Fair, Hobbies & Books and Little Darlings, who have been supporting the contest for the past 10 years. In recognition of their support, Baby Show Chairperson Eziethamae Bodden presented each with certificates of appreciation. Here are this year’s winners:

0 – 9 months

1. Sophia Rosanna Lee

2. Ivanka Laskay Grant

3. Asher Mcgaw Jr. (AJ)

10 – 18 months

1. Ruth Emily (Fe-Fe) Timothy

2. Karissa Edwards

3. Jahniah Dixon

19 – 24 months

1. Andre Ray Sitaran

2. Naima Tatum

25 – 36 months

1. Neri J. Miller

37 – 48 months

1. Lexie Marie Loretta Anthony

2. Jayden Dixon

3. Chloe Joanne Lee