Finding paradise in Cayman Brac

He had heard about and knew where the Cayman Islands were located, but never dreamed he would find his little piece of paradise within the tranquil folds of Cayman Brac.

Admiring the blue ocean in

the West End section of Cayman Brac, tourist Neil Dyck seemed mesmerised with the dazzling effects of the sun dancing on the sea while admiring a magnificent view from an infinity edge saltwater pool.

“Cayman Brac is one of the nicest places to visit, live, relax, snorkel, sunbathe and swim,” he said. “The water, the people and the sun is nice, wherever you go there are people that are nice, but on the Brac, the people are extra nice.”

Staying at the seafront cottage with his wife, Kay, he said the island is laid back and not a bit like the hustle and bustle of Toronto.

With a passion for snorkelling and sunbathing he relates his swimming adventures.

“There are a lot of beautiful fish in the water on Cayman Brac, fish that can fly,” he said.

Seemingly delighted at his experience, when asked if he likes to fish, he said no. He simply prefers to watch them fly or swim around.

“I was swimming one day and saw two fish swimming side by side, which I had never witnessed before,” he said. “All of a sudden one of them spread its wings or fins and took off swimming. I never saw a fish with square shoulders before and that was a new one for me.”

Another time he went snorkelling, but the excursion met with a quick ending after an encounter with a friendly nurse shark.

He had been in the water only five minutes, but was out and back in a flash. On returning home so quickly his wife asked, “why in such a hurry and back already?”.

He responded, laughing: “A 12-foot shark just went by.”

To Neil, the local food is good and he enjoys eating out with Kay, often visiting different restaurants to sample local dishes, which he says are all good, especially the fish.

To show off his surroundings, Mr. Dyck invited this reporter out back to view the simple workings of the pool set up, which pumps water from the sea. He makes sure to add that this is where he blissfully spends his days sunbathing.

Impressed with the stingrays in the waters near the Cayman Islands, his son’s company designed a swimming pool, the only one of its kind on the island for their added pleasure. The pool is striking with a carved dolphin centre piece fountain spewing water and painted different shades of blue to match the ocean and sky.

“When I built the home on the island it was for the sea, sand and sunshine, but the added bonus is the niceness of the people, the atmosphere, lots of local history and places that remind me of a different time,” he said.

Places such as the Bat Cave, Rebecca’s Cave and local history makes vacationing in the Brac worthwhile.