Cayman’s dancers 
off to Kingston, Jamaica

Students of the KRI Performing Arts School are off to a major international festival. 

Dance Umbrella is a Kingston get-together for performing arts outfits, explains Kirk Rowe. 

“We have been in existence for five years and last year we went to the festival’s adult section,” he said. “It is where the Caribbean meets to showcase the best dancers. 

“This year we will be taking the youth who will get to see and watch the performances at a very high level from kids their own age,” Kirk says. “There will also be an opportunity to work with other kids and other Caribbean dance companies which is great.” 

The youngsters left on Thursday, 1 March; the festival goes until Monday, 5 March. 

“We are taking 25 kids over to Kingston for the festival, which is based around the University of the West Indies,” Kirk says. 

“It’s not a competition, but we will be doing workshops with many choreographers from around the region as well as two shows on Thursday and Saturday.” 

The troupe includes youngsters between ages 4 and 17. 

In May, Kirk tells us, the fifth anniversary celebrations will feature a special guest dance company – which of course you can read all about in future Weekender editions.