CineClub returns

An evening of classic films and wine? Yes, please.

The CineClub programme has resumed now that a new National Gallery of the Cayman Islands facility is up and running. Movie buffs may therefore look forward to their fortnightly movie showings once again – now taking place in a spacious auditorium.

Every second and fourth Monday of the month, movies will be screened at 7pm. White wine will be available for a donation.

The current series will focus on Roman Polanski, showing his classic movies in chronological order starting with the 1962 film Knife in the Water and ending with 2010’s award-winning The Ghost Writer.

The next screening, which takes place on March 12, is Repulsion – a psychological thriller starring Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry and John Fraser.

Shot in Britain it was Polanski’s first English language film and the 
first of his “apartment 

The plot centres around Carol Ledoux, a Belgian manicurist living with her sister, Helen, in a London flat. Simultaneously attracted and repulsed by sex, Carol is a virgin who finds her sister’s relationship with a married man disturbing. When her sister and Michael go on holiday, Carol begins to disintegrate mentally, hallucinating bizarre encounters, being forced into taking a sabbatical from her job and ultimately committing murder in her deranged state.

A chilling but compulsive film that is considered a classic in the genre – don’t miss it!