Dasion’s hip-hop album ‘DasZion’ offers youthful perspective on Gospel

The gospel scene in the Cayman Islands has been blessed with another great young musical talent. 

Dasion McKenzie, 12, is a well-known preacher with regular speaking engagements in the Islands and around the world. The young man has been turning his attention to music, as another tool to use in his efforts to spread the world of the Gospel. 

“It is a positive spin on hip-hop. We feel that we can use this genre to reach our young people even though some people say ‘no’. We don’t feel as though we can limit God and therefore we will not exclude any genre,” said Kurt McKenzie, Dasion’s father. 

Mr. McKenzie said because of the Dasion’s travels and speaking engagements, many youngsters were familiar with him and that same fan base is responsible for him having more than 1 million views on YouTube. In fact, the music video for his new single “Brand New Life” has had some 25,000 views. 

His debut album, titled DasZion, will by launched at the Pentecostal Church Conference Centre on 17 March. 

Featuring 11 tunes of praise and worship, the album does not come across as contrived and instead offers a special glimpse into the perspective of a young man consumed by the Gospel. It will no doubt appeal to anyone who enjoys music and offers lyrics that convey a strong sense of self. 

With first class production and the instrumentation to match, this is the first of what Mr. McKenzie said would be other albums to come from the youngster.