Politicking heating up in Cayman Islands

The re-election political rhetoric from the United Democratic Party has begun in earnest, and perhaps it was time Premier McKeeva Bush and his party and its followers accept there is a reason why the country has a two-party political system.  

And although the opposition’s job is to criticise and that this is good for the country because it should force the government to constantly offer explanations to the people for its every action, or lack thereof, a wise government will provide sensiblwe explanations and not just colourless rhetoric when electioneering.  

Having listened to recent UDP public meetings organised under the banner of the Office of the Premier, rather than the United Democratic Party itself, I am forced to ask if a party is seen only as a glorified election machine – rather than an essential part of our democratic participatory and decision-making process.  

Obviously, the premier in a narcissist leadership style refuses to allow the UDP to grow beyond being his chiefdom.  

For it appears he will not stop pitting his followers against one another in his constant efforts to prop up his unquestionable leadership and control.  

The premier, as UDP leader, seems at least temporarily convinced George Town MLA Ellio Solomon can better perform duties previously performed by his more senior colleague from West Bay. It appears to me West Bay MLA Cline Glidden Jr. – the man who used our September 2000 trip from Grand Cayman to Austria to explain why I should give up a promised position as speaker to join him and others in removing Mr. Kurt Tibbets as Leader of Government Business and to crown Mr. Bush as the new chief – has now received a kind of Shakespearian reward from Mr. Bush.  

At the moment, our chief appears to be promoting a new star in his chiefdom.  

And this new star, Mr. Solomon, who was trained in semantics on the Rooster morning talk show, seems at least rhetorically capable of taking on any in the political pack except ironically, Austin Harris the main host on Rooster. Now it is up to us George Town voters, to figure out in our own time, if Mr. Solomon is really for us all or for his chief first; and the citizenry when all else including his own personal ambition has been secured.  

The Rooster talk show certainly seems to be an instrument for producing future politicians in that it is an ideal platform from which to test the pulse of the nation and build political believability with many voters. And although the Rooster talk show is not an instrument of our official opposition, it is part of a splintered opposition to the UDP government and the premier in particular.  

No wonder, then, that Premier Bush is finally taking some time to be critical of the hosts on Rooster and other persons in opposition to what he sees as his attempts to revive the Caymanian economy and save us from direct taxation.  

The premier has now taken his fight to East End to take a swipe at the two gentlemen that are pushing for single member constituencies, but they will win their seats in 2013 despite Dart’s money, because there is no one as of now capable of replacing them. But I suspect the premier is not really trying to take the fight to their camp, but rather trying to create a national smokescreen for his lack of concrete economic accomplishments. For the premier’s tactic in the past and the present is to blame others for his inability to focus on a few important challenges.  

Therefore, it is not bureaucratic obstruction so much as his absent and erratic leadership that has caused the great delay in our economic recovery. The premier has needed for a long time to remain at home in order to really be effective; rather than jet setting in search of high worth individuals. 

The petition of the elected gentlemen from East End and North Side for a referendum on single member constituencies is an idea that has started another political challenge to the premier. The premier most likely will focus more on confusing people about this issue than on implementing policies and strategies to help you good people hold on to your businesses, homes and health. The one man, one vote concept is a good one. We should listen with interest to hear what Mr. Solomon’s position is on this issue. 


Frank McField 


  1. Dear, oh dear, Frank…

    Now the true story is being told…from your own mouth, nontheless.

    You were bribed with a promise of the position of Speaker of the House to jump ship, cross the floor of the Legislative Assembly in the 2000/01 ‘coup’ that unseated the PMM and Kurt Tibbetts then, were you ?

    And after accepting this ‘promise’ and delivering your end of the bargain…the promise to you was then not kept; am I correct ?

    And now, you question Elio Solomon’s integrity and position.

    What give you any idea that Elio’s should be any different from yours ?

    Its the mindless voters of Cayman who should be blamed for even listening to ANY of you…or believing anything you have to say.

    If I lived in Cayman, a million dollars wouldn’t even buy ANY of you even a minute of my time to listen to ANYTHING you had to say…

    Much less vote for you !

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