Editorial for 14 March: Cutting a deal with Honduras

We welcome the news that a new source for fresh fruits,
vegetables and other materials is being considered from our neighbours to the

Premier McKeeva Bush was in Honduras recently on a fact
finding mission in an effort to source fresher food and other goods at cheaper
prices than what is currently paid for the things we consume that come from
Miami or Central America.

Honduras is a known exporter of apparel, coffee, beef,
shrimp, wire harnesses, cigars, bananas, gold, palm oil, fruit, lobster and

Already more than half of Honduran exports are traded with
the United States, which is the country’s main trading partner.

If things can be worked out so the Cayman Islands can
receive direct shipments of goods from Honduras, savings will be passed along
to merchants which, in all probability, will pass along to us, the consumers.

While we do appreciate the goods that do arrive on our Islands
for our consumption, many do wish we could get fresher fruits and vegetables
that can’t be grown in the Cayman Islands.

Often the fruits and vegetables available from supermarkets
in the Cayman Islands arrive a few days old and can be expensive. That’s not
the fault of the supermarket owners and managers, it’s just a fact of living on
an island.

Sourcing inexpensive high quality wood in Cayman can also be
a frustrating task; one that exports from Honduras can make easier.

It would be nice to get fresher fruits and vegetables from
our southerly neighbour and it would also be great if people could traverse
easier between Cayman and Honduras.

Mr. Bush has spoken with Honduran officials about the
potential for additional direct flights between the two countries and is
looking for a way to make easier the process of visa applications for

We have many Hondurans on our shores who would like to have
the ability to come and go from their homeland more often.

All of this is welcomed news and we hope that Mr. Bush is
successful in his attempts.