Yoga for weight loss

Can we achieve a slimmer body, mind and spirit with the practice of yoga?  

Are we able to go against conventional belief of getting bigger around the middle ‘at a certain age’ with yoga?  

Would yoga help control mindless eating and the cycle of weight gain and weight loss?  

Questions like these ponder consideration, and the research answers yes to all. 

I recall entering the yoga studio for the very first time in 2003; my first impression of skinny, black-clad foreign speaking women in various poses and stances was intimidating and daunting. The prominent thought in my mind was ‘What am I doing here?”.  

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The old saboteur from my heavier weight days was questioning my reasoning. Would I be able to keep up with these impressive people? Yoga taught me that it’s not about the other people, it’s about ourselves. 

In retrospect, it was a good decision. You might wish to investigate the positive benefits of yoga for weight loss and lifelong weight maintenance.  

Yoga Lite, (as in Miller Lite and Bud Lite) was designed in response to the growing interest for yoga amongst people carrying extra weight – and those of normal weight needing easy postures due to injury or illness.  

Slimming from the inside out with yoga is a result of: streamlining your body by revitalising sluggish hormones; boosting metabolism through powerful breathing techniques; achieving awareness – a key weapon when reducing weight; self-acceptance for the body that you have and not feeling a failure.  

Yoga Lite may enhance your success in losing weight and keeping it off. There is a bond that forms between class participants, and that can offset feelings of isolation that often are part of being overweight.  

If you are not ready to join a yoga class, consider beginning a practice at home with a special island-produced yoga CD. A percentage of sales will be going to Ms. Nadine’s Preschool, an NCVO-sponsored beneficiary.  

Email [email protected] for more details on how yoga can help you manage your weight or to order a yoga CD to begin a private, at-home practice. 


Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management and self-help. 


With yoga comes self acceptance. – PHOTO: FILE
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