All F1 roads lead to Club House

Anyone who is a fan of Formula 1 racing will be interested in joining the recently formed group to watch the races throughout the season. Aptly named Formula 1 Fans of the Cayman Islands they met at the Club House sports bar last weekend to watch the opening race of the season, in Melbourne, Australia.

Although the race has already finished when the group meet, nobody cheats by watching it in real time or finding the result online. That is the spirit of the club.

McLaren showed their intent on usurping Red Bull’s dominance as Jenson Button won, Lewis Hamilton was third and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was second. Red Bull’s Mark Webber was fourth and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso fifth.

Danny Roach is one of the founder members of Formula 1 Fans of the Cayman Islands. He said: “We are a group of race fans that have grown from a small living room group to one of over 50 active members who attend local venues to watch the Formula 1 races together.

“This year we have chosen the Club House at Treasure Island as our venue. Each race Sunday we meet there to watch the races at 9am and we do special breakfast menus that are themed to the host race nation and other fun promotion events, such as the annual Breakfast with Champions.

“This year to encourage even more people to join us we are soliciting local businesses, some of whom represent the brands which sponsor Formula 1 and its teams. We have a good base of local residents as well as drop-in fans who are visiting Grand Cayman and like the camaraderie of watching their favourite sport with other fans.”

Roach has been able to get modest prizes from local sponsors which are given out after the race in a free raffle and they hope to get a grand prize by the end of the season in the form of a watch, flight ticket or weekend trip.

“Our group is largely made up of both male and female professionals and business owners, but all are welcome,” Roach added. Formula 1 Fans of the Cayman Islands meet again on Sunday at the Club House at 9am for the Malaysian Grand Prix.