‘Insufficient evidence’ to charge Kerran suspect

Cayman Islands police confirmed Friday that investigators do not have sufficient evidence to charge a suspect arrested last year in connection with the assumed death of a missing nurse. 

As was reported earlier in the Caymanian Compass, although no trace of Kerran Baker, 25, has been found, the circumstances
surrounding her disappearance and the findings of police investigators led the RCIPS to classify this case as a murder.

A 35-year-old man, whom the Caymanian Compass is not naming because he has not been charged with a crime, was arrested in November on suspicion of murder in Ms Baker’s case. 

“Following extensive inquiries, this man has now been released from his
bail conditions as, at this stage, there is insufficient evidence to
proceed to charge,” a Royal Cayman Islands Police statement issued Friday read.”We can confirm that the enquiry into the disappearance of Kerran Baker remains very active.”

Ms Baker disappeared in late July from her apartment in the Beach Bay area of Grand Cayman. She was last seen alive leaving the Fosters airport grocery store around 7pm on 30 July. She was reported missing about 24 hours later.

RCIPS officers leading the search for Ms Baker’s killer visited her family in Jamaica earlier this week and provided her parents, siblings and fiancee with a comprehensive update on the progress of the investigation, police said.

During the visit officers also met with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

There has been some criticism from Ms Baker’s family in Jamaica regarding how RCIPS has handled the investigation into her disappearance. However, officials said Friday that those issues have been resolved.

“Kerran’s family have been made aware of the development and remain extremely supportive of the RCIPS and the determination of the enquiry team to bring this case to a successful conclusion,” the police statement read.


  1. I’m sure if another Investigative team other than RCIP was handling this investigation the man could very well have been found guilty as charged.

    If a person is from the same jurisdiction as the criminal suspect. DO NOT LET THOSE OFFICERS INVESTIGATE THE CASE Nor interrogtae the person.
    This will always be the outcome.

    This place is a little is so corrupt they should name it Little Nigeria.

  2. Who would every believe that Cayman would have come to this? Obviously there was something that drew this man to the attention of the RCIP, sort things out.

  3. The Cayman Islands are not the only country where people get released due to lack of evidence that can prove, guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

    The lack of a body is a critical issue that dooms many murder inquiries. And sadly the Cayman Islands’ geography makes it easy to dispose of a body without trace.

  4. So suspicion means guilty?

    It’s called evidence, people.

    If you do not have enough of it, you cannot charge someone.

    What would the world be like, if the police could charge you on suspicion alone……give your heads a shake

  5. Liverpool

    I made the call for the top Jamaican detectives to be called in on this as soon as it happened; knowing Jamaica as well as I do, they would have been in tune with what happened here immediately…

    And having more experience in this type of crime.

    Our good friend, the Beachbum, was adamant that what I was saying was wrong, that the evidence should lead the incestigators to its logical conclusion and that his vaunted West Midlands police investigator, who is now a top man in the RCIPS could sort this out.

    After taking 3 months to even classify the case as a murder, exactly what chance would the RCIPS have had of solving this case ?

    Absolutely none at all.

    It now seems that this might have caused a diplomtic situation to arise between the the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, and rightfully so.

    This report clearly speaks of an effort in damage control and nothing more.

    If foreign nationals keep disappearing in Cayman without trace or closure, the CI Government and its British overseers will soon be facing some serious international pressure; this simply cannot be allowed to continue.

    Trust me on this one.

  6. Incompetence is the word that comes to mind when one thinks about RCIPS. They are always few steps behind. They rush (if) to secure the crime scenes and do nothing to catch fleeing criminals. what would it take to catch bank robbers fleeing GT in a car in the middle of a day? Block all roads immediately!!!!!!!! There are just 2-3 main roads out of GT. Use helicopter! what is the point of interviewing witnesses at this time? But…. none of the many bank robberies ever got solved. That brings very interesting things to mind…
    Take the latest disappearance. If the guy went swimming, I am sure he would have left his flipflops, wallet and telephone on the beach. Meantime ALL search efforts were concentrated in sea. The canine team from US was brought in a week later, after 4 days of heavy raining.

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