Tallest building going up

The makings of the tallest building in Grand Cayman got under way Wednesday when The WaterColours raised its tower crane to complete construction on the condominium complex.

The crane soars at 202 feet tall and will be used to construct nine stories of solid concrete structure complete with concrete roof slab and standing seam roof, within the height of a 10-storey building.

WaterColours is one of the few new developments on Seven Mile Beach and has boosted the local construction industry by adding jobs to the marketplace, as well as attracting international investors and aiding the local economy.

It is set for completion in late 2013.

It will also be the tallest residential building on Island with panoramic views and ocean vistas not offered anywhere else on the beach.

WaterColours will feature 60 private oceanfront residences with three-, four- and six-bedroom floor plans ranging from 3,605 to more than 7,241 square feet of living space.


  1. Remember when the height of a building could not exceed the height of the tallest palm on the island.
    Well, apparently, Cayman can now boast having the world’s tallest palm!
    I haven’t seen it, but by allowing a 10 storey structure to be developed that logically follows that we have an 11 storey palm tree somewhere!
    Amazing and unbelievable.
    I suspect, given a few more years with enough Govt fertilizer, this tree will have grown to be 20 stories or more.

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