Anger management workshops conducted at local high school

The Employee Assistance Programme of the Cayman Islands has overseen a pair of recent anger management workshops to help provide local high school students an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to deal with potentially life-changing situations. 

Groups of male and female students at John Gray High School in George Town participated in discussions on topics ranging from identifying anger and anger triggers, to managing angry feelings and increasing assertive behaviours. 

Students learned anger management tools during each session and were given opportunities to discuss personal experiences with anger in their day-to-day lives. All participants were presented with certificates upon completion of the workshop.  

The first seminar was held at John Gray last October, while the more recent workshop took place in January. Both sessions were held at the invitation of Paulette Gayle, a high school counsellor. 

Ms. Gayle said: “The workshops were beneficial for all the participants. On behalf of the school, we are appreciative of the EAP’s input and service provided. The school looks forward to any partnership that can be formed in order to work together in the future.” 

EAP Anger Management workshop

Students discuss anger management issues and techniques during a recent workshop conducted by the Employee Assistance Programme at John Gray High School.

EAP Anger Management workshop certs

Students are seen with their certificates after the programme was completed. – Photo: Submitted