Another Artisan award earned

Artisan Metal Works Ltd. has won an award for outstanding craftsmanship in an international competition sponsored by the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association.  

The event was open to nearly 600 member firms throughout the US and in seven foreign countries. 

Artisan won Company BRONZE- Unusual Ornamental Fabrication. 

Artisan was approached to design and fabricate a functional sculpture primarily as a mount for a security camera to be located along a densely landscaped private driveway. The customer requested that the sculpture be designed to be as non-conspicuous as possible without interfering with the operation of the camera. 

The design aspect of the project required some research into the existing trees and plants used in this location as well as plants natural to the region.  

The finished project is about four feet in diameter and close to 12 feet tall. Fabrication of the sculpture was completed using copper pipe, rod and sheet. The “trunk” of the tree was fabricated from 3.5 inch OD copper pipe with a hammered finish, the leaves (fish tail palm and sea grape tree) hand cut and fabricated from 20 gauge copper sheet and the vines where shaped into an organic form from 5/8’’and 1’’solid copper rods. The final sculpture was finished in multiple patina colours, which were chemically initiated and will mature naturally over time.  

A special feature was added to the sculpture to discretely symbolize the purpose of the “tree”.  

A nest hand fabricated from copper wire contains three parrot hatchlings and located close by is the adult parrot diligently guarding the nest as the camera guarding the owners property. All of the birds and components were hand fabricated from copper and have a multiple patina finish.  

The project required a little over 230 man hours to complete. 

Artisan Metal

Artisan Metal Works on Grand Cayman has won another prestigious award. – Photo: Justin Uzzell