Marlins home run gag horrifies

The Miami Marlins have a new ballpark, name, manager, star shortstop, closer, and attitude. They also have what has to be the most ridiculous fixture in any major league stadium – a 73-foot pop-art sculpture designed by Red Grooms in center field that will come alive after home-team home runs.

The Marlins’ home run celebration stars – what else? – a marlin jumping in and out of the “water” on a metal track that runs along the border of the sculpture. Another marlin twirls and spins while seagulls fly over the sculpture in a colorful shower of laser lights.

Grooms, a well-respected figure in the art world, spent about two years on the piece. It might not shock you to learn he’s never seen a Marlins game.

The installation has been the subject of much debate online, where opinions range from “this is horrible” to “this is incredibly horrible.”