Iton revs to the limit

Car lovers have a pair of events to plan for in George Town.

On Saturday, 31 March, the Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association hosts a meet from 7pm at Automotive Art. Sunday, 1 April, sees the Cayman Motorsports Association stage its monthly Time Attack autocross race at the Progressive Loop from 1.30pm.

With drag racing no longer part of the local scene, motorsports association president Karyll Iton states the focus is to keep public interest high.

“I’m the only board member not racing though I’m building a BMW in the US to race,” Iton said. “I’m focused on promoting racing rather than taking part. It’s good, there is a good foundation laid before me. I’m new but there is a lot of good here. New blood leads to new interest and I want to do what I can to win fans, sponsors and make the sport exciting again.

“We will keep safety first and driver development going. But by adding a new element, the idea is to make it fun.”

Iton has implemented head-to-head racing for the 2012 season. Essentially, drivers compete against each other on the track for the latter stages of each meet. The first event in February went off well and without incident as 20 racers competed. Veterans, like Roje Williams (in a Nissan Silvia), made returns after long absences while newcomers like Donald Francis (who shared Jimel McLean’s Honda Civic) also took part.

The usual suspects dominated the podium. Jimel McLean propelled his golden Civic to the Two Wheel Drive division and street battle crown. Keith ‘Speedy’ Tibbetts III used his Valvoline Impreza Sti to win the Unlimited division and its accompanying battle segment.

Iton was voted 2012 president of the association and replaced Kim Kirkconnell. He is joined on the executive board by vice president Matthew Seales (who took over from Bobby Hulse), treasurer Ajoni Ambersley and secretary Nikko Miller.

With the auto enthusiasts association meet, titled ‘The Art of Audio,’ look for competitions to centre around Sound Pressure Level, the loudest exhaust and installation quality of sound equipment. The focus of the meet is on car audio levels and decibel readings for various automotive noises.

For the record, autocross is now the biggest happening in local motorsports after the drag racing component disappeared with the permanent closing of the Breakers Speedway 1/8 mile drag strip last December.

The Time Attack series sees its next race on 29 April.