Time to share wealth

How much of this Earth’s riches is enough for the selfish money mongrels that live with all the rest of us.

Regardless of how much you try to pile up, you cannot take any of it with you when you die and when you are trying to amass all these riches, you will hurt, steal and even kill.

But one of the worst things you do is to hurt innocent children. To get your position and riches you will go against the Almighty Himself. Why must my people live in any kind of a pearl here on this wonderful island that God gave us all to live on for a time. Why must we have such a great divide?

Our people should all live without all they are facing each day, share the wealth and uplift us out of poverty.

Whey should we have people on Cayman living in some places that are not fit for human beings to live and many mothers with their children having it real hard.

Share the wealth.

You can fun, but you cannot hide.

All of you on Cayman, regardless of where you come form or your position on Cayman, and to all you Caymanians who are guilty of keeping down the poor and needy man, consider yourself rich, you need to share the wealth.

Also, all members of government and opposition, Cayman Islands and its people have some bad days, but we moved into better days.

At this present time we should be in the very best of days and completely uplifted from poverty.

But still we have with us these greedy pirates who continue to plunder my native home, amassing their wealth and keep my people down.

We need a real good captain on board this great ship Cayman to steer us out of these unnecessary stormy seas and uplift the lives of all on Cayman that need to be uplifted.

If we did not have so much nasty and greedy, selfish pirates in our system, we would have more than cruise ship docks by now. Look at how many years it took for my Bodden Town’s people to get a boat ramp.

UDP, PPM and all the rest; where has all the money gone?

We know where. Not it is time to share the wealth and uplift Cayman.

Emile S. Levy

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