Danulescu tops veteran Tyler at last

Week 7 of the TeleCayman Top Two matches included one of the most experienced master players on the island taking on a younger nemesis and in the other match a member of the Cayman Junior Squash Team taking on a member of the Cayman Senior Squash Team.

The top match for week 7 was between substitute Team Volley player Derek Tyler and Team Nick’s Valeriu Danulescu. What was soon discovered was this was not the first meeting of these two players, but they have a history of match play whereby seasoned Tyler has had the upper hand on every occasion.

Danulescu was determined for history not to repeat itself, but also knew to beat Tyler he would not beat him with shots and would need to out run and outlast the more mature player.

Without too much surprise, Tyler took the first game 11/8, but Danulescu matched the game score retaliating in the second 11/3. After a quick breather, the next game was the longest with the experience in his pocket Tyler battled an 11/9 win. Now up two games to one, the match looked to be heading in Tyler’s favour, but this was the moment Danulescu’s game plan of outlasting Derek kicked into gear and won the next two games and ultimately the match. Final match score went to Danulescu and Team Nick 3 games to 2 (8/11, 11/3, 9/11, 11/4, 11/4).

The second best match for the week was between two Cayman national players, however one is only 14 and the other, well a little older than that and on the senior Cayman squash team.

Myron Blair, representing Team Aon was matched up against youngster and upcoming squash champion Julian Jervis from Team Drive. As an indicator of match quality, three of the games were in additional points.

Jervis stepped up first and with young legs took the first game 13/11, however in great shape, Myron wasn’t fazed by the young gun and reciprocated taking the second again in extra points 12/10.

The third game was a little bit easier for the senior player taking it 11/7 and looked as if he had Julian exactly where he wanted him. Impressive and a sign he is certainly improving, Jervis was not done and even though the odds were against him worked himself back to take the fourth game in the longest of rallies 16/14.

This moved the match into the fifth and deciding game where Myron proved experience to be the victor as he took the game and 
match 11/7.

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