Former deputy governor signs ‘one man’ petition

A decidedly non-political former Cayman Islands civil service manager made a very public show of signing his support for the ‘one man, one vote’ petition circulating the Islands.

Retired Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks added his name Tuesday to the growing list of petitioners seeking to change how the country elects its Legislative Assembly representatives. Organisers estimate they have collected the signatures of some 3,000 registered voters in support of a November referendum on the issue.

The petition seeks to switch Cayman’s current multi-member voting districts to single member constituencies, which means the current voting districts would change from six to 18 becoming much smaller and allowing electors only one ballot apiece. Under the current system, George Town and West Bay voters can cast four ballots, Bodden Towners three, voters on the Sister Islands two and East Enders and North Siders only one.

“On the surface, I thought [single member constituencies] made sense,” Mr. Ebanks said. “However, we achieve a situation where an individual can elect…a single representative is all I’m interested in.”

Former Chief Fire officer Kirkland Nixon also joined Mr. Ebanks in supporting the petition.

Although both men are no longer working for the government, both wished civil servants to know that new rules issued by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson’s office do allow current civil servants to sign certain political petitions.

Please see Thursday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass for the full story….


  1. A real stand up guy. We need more men and women to stand up for our country. The Party system is broken and only people like these can fix it.

  2. In the system now, a man living in George Town is able to vote 4 times. He can vote for all the UDP party members in George Town. But it is changed to one person, one vote, that man in George Town will only be able to vote for 1 person he thinks best represents his electoral district.

    You see, the party-motivation, vote straight chant will not be there. The newer system will be a more district oriented than party oriented. So I think the one man, one vote will be a slight victory for those who oppose a two-party system government.

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