Yacht Training School accredited

IYT Cayman is now a fully accredited International Yacht Training School in Grand Cayman.

International Yacht Training director Wally Schredl visited the island to train about 40 boat captains and sign them off as fully licenced skippers eligible to captain boats up to 24 metres or 80 feet in coastal waters.

While he was in Grand Cayman, Mr. Schredl also trained IYT Cayman staff members Ash McKnight, David Patterson and Evya Gilo as International Yacht Training instructors. These three individuals are eligible to teach a variety of courses in the International Yacht Training system.

IYT Cayman Training Coordinator David Patterson said the company had the boating course for a wide ranging demographic, from the powerboat courses for the complete beginner to the Dive Boat Coxswain for experienced operators.

“There is truly a course to suit everyone’s needs and experience level,” he said.

Advanced courses

IYT Cayman is working alongside International Yacht Training Worldwide to bring more advanced courses to the Cayman Islands, Mr. Patterson said.

“We are working closely with International Yacht Training Worldwide to bring courses like Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 95 and Master of Yachts to Grand Cayman,” he said. “Our goal is to teach these courses by the end of 2012.”

This would mean that instead of individuals travelling to places such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale to take their courses, all training could be conducted in Cayman, Mr. Patterson said.

“This would enable students to gain the coveted MCA Master of Yachts on Cayman soil and avoid costly travel and accommodation arrangements to the USA or further afield, not to mention the tourism it could generate from individuals visiting our island to train with IYT Cayman,” he said.

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