Million Dollar Run provides a million thrills for large crowd

The 10th annual Million Dollar Run boat race, held at Royal Palms on Monday, 9 April, was a thrilling event enjoyed by a large crowd that swarmed the property, eager to view the action from the beach. There were three classes of boat races: Pleasure Class, Circuit Class and the highly anticipated Offshore Class where Captain Dale Crighton in “Heavy Metal” was expected to defend his title from the past two years. 

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of on-site mechanics and the captains themselves, both of the Ugland crafts were unable to compete due to mechanical issues. Not wishing to delay the proceedings further, the decision was made for the remaining competitors 
to race.  

The seas were slightly choppy, but the boats still managed to attain impressive speeds of around 100 miles per hour as they flew along parallel to the beach. Crighton had what appeared to be an unbeatable lead, yet slowly but surely Merlin Seymour closed the gap and overtook for a short time, much to the delight of the throngs screaming their support.  

In the end, however, Heavy Metal won the day with the Best Time trophy. Captain Crighton also won the Best Hand and with it, a $10,000 prize. Ugland’s Virgin Wellmax won Best Craft, and Andreas Ugland Sr. graciously accepted the trophy. Look for interviews with the captains and the full list of winners in 
the Weekender. 

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