Lewison gets lightning chance

Middleweight prospect Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison is set for his next contest in a couple of weeks and it will be for two regional belts although it is only his 
third pro fight.

Lewison squares up with veteran Alex Perez, a Cuban based in Florida. “Hopefully, I can beat Perez and defend against higher ranked fighters,” Lewison, 24, said. “After this I hope to raise enough money to go to a training camp in California, run by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions.”

This is a good learning fight for Lewison and a lightning opportunity to be a double belt holder against a seasoned fighter who has vastly more experience.

The show is on Saturday 28 April at the D. Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym and tickets are $25 general and $60 VIP. Wilky ‘Silky’ Campfort who fought here last summer, is likely to be on the bill as well as local fighters. There will be around six bouts and musical performances by Black Ken and another local artist.

Lewison is pleased by early response. “The promotion is going really well right now, nearly 700 sold, but a lot of that money is going out in sanctioning fees for the belts I’ll be fighting for. I’m ranked No.378 in the world right now so I’m capitalising on a very good rank at an early stage in my career.

“What I’m trying to do is move up in ranks, not only as a fighter but also as a promoter and putting on good shows. I work with numbers. I realised when I started my website that I had over 1,000 views one day and on that basis thought I should be able to sell at least 1,000 tickets. I’m aiming to sell at least 950 tickets this time.

“I want to sell as many tickets as possible partly so that when I defend my belts I won’t have to run to government for funding I’m trying to take the initiative and do stuff on my own and raise up money by myself.

“I’ve got a lot of sponsors, including National Concrete, Rhino Rebar, The Real Estate Company, Cayman Airways, Westin Hotel, Cayman Contractors Store, Botanic Park, Pedro Castle, Dean’s Cleaning, Coconut Rental, Al La Kebab, Celebrations, Candles Unlimited, Hibiscus Spa, Dr De Alwis, Cayman Safari, Cayman National Bank, Water Authority, Massive, AIE Rentals, Tony’s Toys and I’m also looking forward to getting sponsorship from Digicel. I’m also doing stuff with Kirk’s Supermarket and helping promoting their Poweraid in commercials.”

For tickets and more information, contact [email protected]


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