Editorial for 11 April: Interesting Census facts

Usually when we hear people calling radio talk shows in the
Cayman Islands we hear rant after rant about expatriates taking over the ‘good’
jobs in the financial sector.

According to recently released Census figures, those
uttering their disdain at the perception are misinformed.

The Financial Industry is the largest single employer of
Caymanians who dominate more than two-to-one to their expat co-workers.

There are around 45 non-Caymanians for every 100 Caymanians
in the Financial Industry.

What’s even more interesting is that the Financial Industry
jobs are dominated almost two-to-one by women.

Caymanians are also dominate in public administration jobs
with a ratio of about three-to-one, as it should be.

So it would appear that many companies – perhaps not all –
are doing what they should be when it comes to training Caymanians to take over
jobs from expats.

We have to believe that Caymanians are being trained to take
top jobs, especially in the Financial Industry and public administration.

We’re also seeing more Caymanians hold top jobs in other
sectors of the economy.

It is still incumbent on businesses to ensure that
Caymanians get proper training to take over jobs from expatriates and it is
also up to our schools to ensure that our Caymanian children are being properly
trained to continue their education careers and be able to graduate from an
institute of higher learning to take over those jobs.

We acknowledge that great strides have been made in
education under the direction of Minister Rolston Anglin and former Minister
Alden McLaughlin. Educators – both on the primary, secondary and tertiary
levels in the Cayman Islands – must be working with existing businesses to
determine their employment needs and make sure that students can come out of
school prepared for the task at hand. The Census showed that expatriates
continue to dominate in the fields of domestic worker and retail industries;
jobs we think that more Caymanians could also do.




  1. Time to shine some light. The financial services industry is indeed a major employer of Caymanians and a number of businesses have good recruitment and training policies. Others do not. However, the position overall is not nearly as rosy as you suggest.

    The immigration authorities have fallen over backwards to assist the financial industry – key employee applications are often rubber stamped, PR and then status are a right of passage. A disproportionate number of Caymanians in that industry are therefore New Caymanians – that is not a bad thing, but it is hardly an accomplishment to celebrate. If status were granted to large numbers in other industries this year, would the Compass celebrate the dramatic stride forward of Caymanians in those sectors?

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