Moments of Feelings exhibition set

Artist Rasitha Sanjeewa is set to showcase a selection of his artwork at his first solo exhibition in Cayman.

A well-regarded artist from Sri Lanka, Rasitha moved to the Cayman Islands one year ago and is working hard to get established in Cayman’s art scene. He exhibited at last year’s Visual Arts Society group exhibition and sale, and participated in last year’s [email protected]

His forthcoming exhibition, titled Moments of Feelings, is an eclectic mix of mixed media works on canvas, as well as sculptures.

Rasitha has been working as a professional painter and sculptor for more than 10 years and his expertise is evident in his work. Self taught, his abstract, colourful paintings often depict moods, feelings, ideas and emotions that are in response to his surroundings.

Indeed, Rasitha said art is a form of portraying what one feels within. “All my work is to do with emotions,” he said.

“When I paint I don’t necessarily have any idea of the finished product, I just pick up the materials and it comes from within, always it is in response to something that I feel strongly about, something that caught my attention.

“At the moment, I feel strongly influenced by Cayman, the landscape, colours and culture. The sun and sea especially influence me.”

Born in Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka, among his early artistic inspirations was his meeting with a well-known artist Premadasa Badugoada Aewa, who introduced him to the intricacies of finger painting.

His artistic breakthrough came some 14 years ago when in 1999 he was invited to exhibit several of his paintings at the Young Contemporaries exhibition sponsored by the George Keyt Foundation – an organisation dedicated to promoting art in Sri Lanka. The George Keyt Foundation has been a springboard from him to rise into the professional arena in Sri Lanka.

“I love art,” Rasitha said. “When I was young I would always draw and wherever I am I seek out art exhibitions and galleries. I am always looking for the arts.”

In 2003, he was given a seal of approval as a respected artist. An image of his painting was selected to appear in the Encyclopedia Britannica 2003, Art of Sri Lanka, along with four other artists – Lionel Deraniyagala, Nayanananda, K.D. Lakshman and George Keyt – often considered to be Sri Lanka’s most distinguished modern painter.

With his work in numerous art collector’s homes across the globe, no doubt it will not be long until Rasitha wins over Cayman’s art scene with his vibrant and colourful woks.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Visual Arts Society opens on Friday, 27 April, from 6pm to 8pm at Watler House Pedro Castle. The artwork will be on display throughout the weekend.

The Visual Arts Society is a nonprofit organisation for art appreciation, enhancement and learning. Members are professional artists, hobbyists and people who simply have a passion for art and enjoy being involved in the art community. For more information, visit

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