Unity celebrates fifth season

Unity netball club is about to mark a special occasion.

The squad will celebrate its fifth year of existence this week with a community tournament. Slated for Tuesday, 17 April, the New Testament Church on North Sound Road, George Town will host a mixed rally from 6.30pm.

Club president Faye Green states the event is about highlighting togetherness through netball.

“There will be a random draw for teams as players will be chosen by the church’s mother and father of the year,” Green said. “It is a open and mixed rally. It’s free and anyone can register and play. I sent a message to all of the local teams encouraging their players to come out.

“We have improved over the years. It’s really amazing to see the unity that goes on and is put over everything else. Through it all, we had the help of the church and the community.”

News of the rally comes as the Cayman Islands Netball Association 2012 open league nears its knockout/playoff stage. Regular season games will continue until next Thursday, 26 April as teams jostle for postseason berths. The top four sides are slated to battle for the national championship while the bottom four clubs compete for the consolation trophy.

Both Unity teams are in the playoff mix as the A side, behind shooter Kemoya Goulbourne, is sixth at 3-4 while the B unit is 1-6, good enough for the eighth and final spot. Green states their showings have been impressive.

“They have done very good and improved a lot. They are more united now and together. With the two teams they come out together and support each other.”

An awards ceremony is slated for this Sunday, 22 April, at 2pm in the upper hall of the New Testament Church.

To register for the tournament, call Faye Green at 328-6681 or David Wilson at 328-2046.

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