The Great Historical Treasure Hunt

Sherlock Holmes? Pfft, he’s a nobody. The proper sleuths of the truth will be descending on Bodden Town this Saturday, 21 April for the Cayman National Cultural Foundation/Department of Tourism Historical Treasure Hunt, as part of Cayfest 2012.

Weekender grabbed the irrepressible Rita Estevanovich and pummelled her with questions. She didn’t hit us back, but replied graciously cause she’s that kinda gal.

What is the idea behind this event?

The event is our sister organisation’s contribution to Cayfest, the National Festival of the Arts. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation and the Department of Tourism are committed to encouraging and supporting the awareness of Caymanian culture and heritage as well as Cayman’s cultural and historical treasures. The event is actually a competition which allows locals and visitors the opportunity to explore communities using questions/clues provided by the Department of Tourism. We’ve done the Hunt in George Town for three years now and we’re now working on increasing the public’s knowledge about the first capital, Bodden Town.

Do people tend to see their surroundings in a different way through this kind of engagement?

Definitely. We tend to take for granted the streets, buildings and homes that we pass on a daily basis. Sometimes the open spaces don’t have much meaning either, until someone tells you a story about something that took place there. Through a programme like this, we learn to see these places in a new light and we then cultivate a respect for everything that came before us. It’s like when you hear a great song on the radio and search for the artist and then discover that the artist remixed a track (or sampled part of a song) from an artist was popular 50 years ago. You gain a new appreciation for both the new and the old. Even funnier when your parents laugh and say that it was popular when they were kids.

How does it work?

Teams sign up in advance because we can only accommodate 18 teams. Once signed up, they show up on the day of the event and sign in. They’re given questions and a map. Teams (of three, of all ages) will need to put on comfortable shoes for walking and exploring to answer questions. Teams are timed and the number of questions they answer correctly is also taken into account when determining the winning teams.

The Department of Tourism will be sorting out prizes including Cayman Airways tickets, gift packs, entertainment from local bands and food including fish and fritters, which is served to all afterward. Sounds grand to us. See you there!

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