Lucille unites with New Testament

In the last five years, Unity netball club has had a significant presence in local sports.

Few value those contributions more than Cayman Islands Netball Association President Lucille Seymour. The George Town native was on hand over the weekend for the club’s fifth anniversary celebration.

Seymour states the Unity side are doing much to develop Cayman society.

“Unity has been excellent, they have worked hard with the association and have not let us down,” Seymour said. “When we ask for help, Unity is there. The church doesn’t stand on its own and all of us are one.”

A rally, which featured other local clubs like Roma and Rising Stars, took place last week with an awards ceremony on Sunday at the New Testament Church in George Town, the headquarters for Unity since 2007. Stars like Kay Copeland and Rosemarie Wilson graced the tournament while a number of players on the Unity A and B teams were honoured including Polly-Ann Francis and Tamara Lahoo.

Seymour was especially pleased with the role New Testament plays in the club’s development, stating churches can have a big impact on local residents and disciplines.

“I learned to get interested in sports through the church. One of those sports was netball. The church not only wanted to fill our souls with Christianity but to have us physically fit and able to work with each other. It helped me become a better person.

“I have always wanted churches to help build character and the church can extend its social arm by helping out and being involved in netball. Being physically active helps the soul and the body. I’m pleased in the participation of the New Testament Church with Unity and for Unity being part of a church.”

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