Bayas served up new talent

West Bay has a new pair of volleyball champions.

North West Point and the Bayas would win the West Bay Sports Committee 2012 West Bay Community Volleyball League. The first-time winners would claim the adult and youth segments respectively.

Basketball and youth volleyball talent April Ebanks, 15, was cocaptain of the Bayas and states the league was beneficial for her game.

“It enhanced what we already worked on with the other team,” Ebanks said. “It made us learn to cope with conditions and play with other people. In the end that makes it successful.

“The breeze is a challenge and the several lines on the court confused me. Outdoors was also more distracting. But that all helped us to grow.”

The league finals took place last Saturday at the Sir John A Cumber Primary School hard court. North West Point, behind Jackie Bodden and Brianna Rodriguez, edged out the Jumpers 25-13, 25-22 for the adults and the Bayas downed Travis Stroup and Wesleyan 25-19, 20-25, 15-13 for the youth. Jim Stroup guided Wesleyan to a third place finish for the adults, beating Nicholas Roberts and 2011 champions Above the Net 25-21, 22-25, 15-10.

Chante Smith-Johnson, 15, played for both the Bayas and the Jumpers. She states the league was worthwhile.

“It was fun to play against people from the district,” Smith-Johnson said. “It was all the same for us volleyball players to come out and have fun.”

Most participants, like 16 year-old Krista Ebanks, enjoyed the competition and are looking forward to next year.

“I was with the Young Blazers when they won last year,” Ebanks said. “I won this year with a different team (as cocaptain of the Bayas). It was good, even if we were not on top, I would have been proud of them because they did good.

“This league is always fun and volleyball is always fun for me. At a very competitive level, it falls apart for me. With this league, there is just the right balance.”

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