Second ‘no confidence’ motion filed against gov’t

Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin and North Side MLA Ezzard Miller on Friday filed a motion of ‘lack of confidence’ in the government of the Cayman Islands.

Both men threatened the motion’s filing on Monday if Premier McKeeva Bush had not stepped aside from his leadership position by Thursday in the wake of three separate criminal investigations.

On Friday, just before noon, the motion was filed. It was the second such ‘lack of confidence’ motion to be filed against Mr. Bush’s government during its current term in office. The first taken in the Legislative Assembly failed on a party line vote.

According to the 2009 Constitution Order, a two-thirds vote of assembly members is required to effect the removal of the government. If 10 out of 15 ‘yes’ votes on the motion are received, the governor would have two options – reform the government under his own authority or dissolve parliament and call for a general election.

Mr. McLaughlin admitted Friday that the opposition party does not particularly care for either option. He urged the ruling United Democratic Party government members to act and replace Mr. Bush as Premier with either Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly or another Cabinet member.

The UDP has not issued any statements on the matter, although both publicly and privately members have defended Premier Bush. Mr. Bush has absolutely refused to step aside.

The motion filed by Messrs. McLaughlin and Miller will require a formal waiver of the 5-days notice given to LA motions by the Speaker of the House.

“This is not a matter which we could have anticipated prior to the start of the current meeting,” Mr. McLaughlin said, asking for the Speaker to set aside the normal timeline to hear the motion as a “matter of national importance”.


  1. One thing this will accomplish if there are at least 10 Votes, is that it will make Cayman ripe for UK takeover and direct rule. I’m sure the Governor is waiting and hoping this passes so he can step in with his own people and start rebuilding Cayman in their own image.

  2. Cayman politics are suck a joke. They are like little children whining in the playground. Just for once I would like to hear one of them come up with an original idea or improving on an idea instead of pointing fingers and finding fault. These guys are wasting everyones time with this no confidence motion.

  3. Ezzard, Arden, and Alden, should have been uniting with UDP members on improving the economy. But I guess to them our ECONOMY is not that important. That is why they haven’t come with any solutions to better the economy. It is so unfortunate for the people of the Cayman Islands. We had four years to make a difference and all the blame is on UDP. Isnt the Opposition responsible as well to generate solutions and work with UDP on getting this country back on its feet?

    And the British special interest are wolves, enjoying us defeated as prey, they are looking at Caymanians divide and conquored by party politricks. They want to see us fail and take us over, taking what they can get out of this financial center.

    All this time, Cayman should have had powerful or influenctial people in the UK defending our civil rights from special interest groups and the FCOs influence upon the peoples democracy.

    I guess we will learn the hard way.

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