Trial set in Florida-Cayman gun running case

A November trial date has been set in the United States federal government’s investigation of several alleged gun running incidents that occurred between South Florida and Grand Cayman during 2008 and 2009.

The trial is now set for 13 November in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before US District Judge William Zloch.

Caymanian Mikkyle Brandon Leslie, aka Brandon Leslie Ebanks, is the first of six defendants charged in connection with the investigation. The identities of the other five are being kept secret in sealed indictments released in February by authorities.

In December, Leslie was charged with five counts related to allegations he conspired with other individuals to illegally ship firearms to Grand Cayman from the Miami-Broward County area. He pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Since then, the federal indictment against Leslie and five others has been superseded and replaced, and Leslie is now facing seven counts in relation to the gun running case.

Count 1 accuses Leslie of conspiracy to ship firearms from Florida to Cayman with other individuals; some others have been charged in the superseding indictment, others are named as unindicted co-conspirators.

Counts 2, 4 and 6 against Leslie deal with separate allegations that he attempted to and did fraudulently export illegal firearms; counts 3, 5 and 7 involve delivery of those illegal weapons to a common carrier for shipment without authorisation.

The investigation that led to Leslie’s arrest in the US this past December has identified roughly a dozen individuals – most of them from the Cayman Islands – that were “participants in the firearms smuggling activities”.

Leslie’s alleged activities, according to a federal criminal indictment handed up on 22 December, were that he participated in the illegal shipping of firearms from the Miami area to Grand Cayman between May and November 2008. The new indictment expands the scope of that case significantly.

An indictment is a charge of criminal activity and does not constitute a conviction.

Investigations into gun smuggling activities in Cayman and Florida between 2008 and 2009 have already led to the jailing of four Caymanian men in the US and at least two others here in the Cayman Islands. However, the current indictment deals with separate incidents of gun smuggling.


  1. Editor, great journalist job, excellent reporting investigation vs. Gov Secrecy and usual Police Cover Up. I have some questions:

    1- Is the Affidavit filed by the BATF a Public Document? Where it could be found?

    2- There are five more Indictments (suspects) probably walking free in these Islands. Is the USA Attorney leading the case aware of the Mutual Legal Assistant Treaty (MLAT) between the Cayman and the USA since 1992? Is him aware that the Chief Justice Anthony S. is the guardian and executor of such Treaty for the Cayman Islands?

    3- Would it be more simple under the Treaty (forget the scandalized and ill plagued RCIPS) request the Warrants for the arrest and handing over of the suspects to the Judicial Administration in Grand Cayman. Court Order and that’s it, Yes or Not ?

    4- Is the USA press and the big media reporting about this? -I think will be good -for the sake of clarity and public interest- since there is a Country and a Crown Colony (euphemism apart)law breached in a serious Criminal way- to have or call the big media attention and for sure things will change dramatically and speedy. We will look into it.

    The matter of a local Police scandals, political involvement, political persecution, blind eye, intimidation, corruption and more is very well documented -OVER THE YEARS- you will collapse if we show you the undisputable evidences we have about it. But this is for another journalist investigation and a serial here and in the USA where the evidences are backed up.

    We as a minority are thinking that is time to let the Chairwoman of the Foreing Relation Comittee of the USA House of Representative (Cuban-American R GOP-FLA) Illeana Ross and the Chairman of the USA Senate Judicial Committee to know every detail including the professional executions that took place in Grand Cayman last year, very probably linked to the Gun smuggling, and the history of an inept Police Service, which is more interested in the silent of the press and intimidating real and credible witness than serving the justice for us and for the USA.

    You have pushed the ball to the RCIPS court since last December (2011) and they do not play it yet. Why? …..

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