All have played a part

These are some serious times and every time we come up for air with the posture of hope, we are pushed back downwards to drown in more bad news; more disturbing revelations of the chronic mismanagement of our country’s affairs. The UDP blames the PPM and the PPM blames the UDP for our impossible situation at the bottom of the food chain, but blame never changes the game and the game is still about those that have and those that have not. And the aim of our political leadership has been and still is about the economic and social elevation of those that gain office and the members of their inner circle, rather than the real advancement of our people.

Time and time again I have mentioned that our nation is not wealthy and that we are not a first world country but unfortunately most do not understand or refuse to understand where the term first world and third world came from and what these terminologies are supposed to denote. And although it might not be right to refer to Cayman as third world, we cannot be intelligently termed first world either. Our size, lack of natural resources, lack of agricultural, manufacturing or industrial capacities and a total dependence on imports of all kinds compounded by the lack of mechanical or organic solidarity among our people, makes us potentially among the most disadvantaged and unstable political unit on the planet.

This is no exaggeration since our institution of government is weak, even in its exercise of its sovereign right to collect taxes for the sustainability of the good governance of our people. Also, for decades our politicians have compounded this weakness by using scarce government resources to entice voters and construct their political dynasties by creating and maintaining an unsustainable welfare state.

All of us are suffering in one way or another economically yet we are fed with dosages of UDP propaganda about our wealth, stability, and sustainability. And that if we do have a problem, it can’t be a result of our distorted economic, social and political model but because the Premier has enemies in the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the city of London one of the first major financial cities in the world and the first during the onset of capitalism, must use unfair political strategies by way of that office, to compete with three tiny islands that have never seriously been challenged nor tested by any significant external or internal threat.

How in the world can a reality that we do not control be good for us? How can reflections be a substitute for reality, regardless of how harsh that reality may be? The sad fact is that in these serious times our leadership really believes the myth that there was a miracle that make us into an economic heavyweight although until not too long ago we were far at the back of beyond. In fact what is seen as a miracle by many is now being viewed by a few as a nightmare that we might never want to wake up from. The tragedy is that not even our leaders want to accept that we have all made economic mistakes, that we have all failed in one way or another because we did not understand the commercial game we were enticed to play in exchange for our sovereignty.

Just look at what we owe the foreign banks individually and collectively although they have benefitted from doing business in our jurisdiction and made billions in profits. Look at how we are entrapped in their mortgage system when all we now own is the illusion that indebtedness is ownership and that the possession of a big house and car is contributing to the productive capacity and sustainability of our economy.

Our big houses, our big cars, boats and vacations are for many, proofs of our successes as a nation but our energy over the last 40 years has been completely consumed and few of us understand even now, the difference between being a producer of wealth and a consumer of the products created by the wealthy. The first multiplies and the later decreases value thus our big houses that make us look like the gem of the West Indies is not a testimony to our gain but to our loss and is not a sign of sustainability but a flag of submission to immediate gratification.

Capitalism and entrepreneurship is not based upon immediate gratification but upon long lasting suffering and dedication to a calling or a vocation. Thus, the challenges to the Cayman Islands can only be resolved by placing a cap on the systemic misunderstanding and greed within the electorate as well as self-service among our political leaders. These are serious times and all of us crying for the head of the other need to really take a good look at the man in the mirror because we are all guilty for having waited so long and stuffed our bellies too full, to now curse the 
kettle black.


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